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Sunday, 17 June 2012
Cover art for Necdonoclast / Dodsferd Split 7"
The Necronoclast / Dodsferd split 7" is now pressed and available through Odious Recordings. The Album is a great representation of these two amazing bands that define the vast atmospheres and reverberating emptiness of depressive Black Metal. I am very happy with the final product and am honored to have participated in the project.

Necronoclast Dodsferd split 7”

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Posted By Gabriel at 11:40 AM in Category:New Artwork

Introduction to the updated Gabriel T. Byrne website
The Gabriel T. Byrne Artwork website is officially presented to the public today, June 17. This could be called a soft publish date. In any case welcome to all viewers and thank you for visiting!
Posted By Gabriel at 10:26 AM in Category:General
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