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Gabriel T. Byrne was born in Tucson, AZ in 1972. The desert provided a structure for a great love of the earth and is still a very strong influence. Byrne relocated to Washington State in 1992 to attend Cornish College of the Arts and stayed on a few more years to paint and play music. Most notably with the band Corvus Corax (U.S).

He exhibited his artwork regularly and began painting album covers for Odin Thompson (Moribund Cult Records) and the bands Drawn and Quartered, Blood Ritual and Amphetamine Love Bash. Incidentally Byrne continues to make illustration artwork for Drawn and Quartered, recently completing the album cover for the band's sixth release.

Byrne moved from Washington to New Mexico in 1998, living primarily in Santa Fe. Continuing to paint but putting music aside to focus on a career as a visual artist. After five years of working and exhibiting he moved to Philadelphia, PA to undertake the MFA studies at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. His work broadened to include experimentation and abstraction as a foundation upon which can be built paint... whichever direction that might take. Illustration work and exhibition of paintings and drawings has continued to be the driving force of his career.

For the past few years Gabriel has lived between Philadelphia and Kaufbeuren, Germany. He now lives in Germany permanently with his girlfriend Annabell and daughter Morrigan.

February, 2012

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